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Garage Door Spring Repair - Phoenix, AZ

A garage door spring is an important component in any garage door. It's an indication of a broken garage door springs when you get strange noises from your garage door. In such a case, the door becomes dangerous to use, as it can cave in at any time and accidents may be incurred. Therefore, the urgency to repair the spring is justifiable, as many families use the garage doors as the entry points to their homes.


  • When there is extreme fluctuation in temperatures, your garage door springs may be affected. Contractions and expulsions may take place and they take a toll on garage door springs. When you do not perform maintenance on your garage door periodically, its functionality graph goes down. As a result, the springs may break down.
  • Improper installation: Garage door springs may also break due to a lack of proper installation and adjustment.
  • The springs can also break due to wear and tear.

You all know the importance of the garage door springs, so, when it breaks down, you should immediately repair it.

Following are the basic garage door spring repair step:


Firstly, get your car out of your garage. To manually open your garage door, you need to first pull the red emergency release. The door will obviously be heavy and you may, therefore, need help.


Now identify your spring type, it's important to know whether its garage door extension spring or torsion. This will also help you know the amount of force you need to open the door manually. You can then buy the new springs and install them. In most cases, you will not be in a position to repair your door. In such cases, broken garage door spring repair in Phoenix can come in handy.

To repair a garage door springs, ensure that the technician you hire is professional and trained. Our experts at Phoenix Garage Door Specialists are well-versed with the safety measures involved during the garage door services. Apart from these, they are also well-informed on how to handle your garage door repair in Phoenix, so that they cause no further complications. It's also important to check the background of the technicians before you allow them into your home.

This will ensure you hire only the best, and also avoid incidences of burglary as your garage door may be the main entry point to your home.

Note that the technician you hire in Phoenix is licensed, certified, bonded and insured for quality services. An insured technician will also figure out unforeseen problems in your garage door that may result in serious accidents in the future. Once your broken garage door has been repaired, take good care of it. It is also advisable that you hire professional services for maintenance of your garage door. A regular maintenance will increase the durability of your garage door.


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